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Vampire Blood Incense Cones

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Nandita Fragrances Vampire Blood 

Decadent vampire extract incense gives an intoxicating fragrance for all those Vamp lovers out there.

Vampire Blood Incense will add an intoxicating aroma to your home. Vampire Blood is made from a unique blend of organic ingredients including flowers, resins, and essential oils.

This incense is made using the Masala method, which means herbs, resins and oils are mixed together to form a paste which is then hand rolled onto the incense stick. This ensures a higher quality incense stick which burns cleaner.

Simply light the Incense Cone and wait until the tip of the cone glows, once glowing blow out the flame and place the cone in your burner. 

 All the ingredients contained in this product are purely organic, natural, non-toxic and ozone friendly.